Questions regarding the contract

Where can I find my contract?

The contract can be find on my adminbox, if it was not activated by a former mission you will receive the activation mail when we create your first contract.  Every contract is sent 24hours before its start date and must be signed before the start date. 

Am I covered if I travel to another European country for work purposes?

In order to be covered you must notify the payroll department and your consultant sufficiently in advance so that we can make a secondment declaration. You need to inform us of:

  • The period

  • The country

  • The exact address where you will be working

  • The contact person in this country

My contract ends this Friday, when will I receive the paperwork relating to my departure (C4 unemployment form, holiday certificate)?

As soon as payment for your last time-sheet has been processed (on the Wednesday following the end of your contract if the services are performed on time), we will send your C4 unemployment form by post and you will receive a secured email containing your certificates. You must provide these to your next employer.

I am teleworking, do I need to make any enquiries to my employer?

If you are teleworking, you will have to send an e-mail to your payroll department ([email protected]) so that they can send you the addendum concerning teleworking.

This is a document that is legally required when a temporary worker is teleworking. This document has to be signed by Page Personal (official employer) and yourself.

This document will first be sent to the client who will have to fill in the telework dates and mention if they will contribute to any possible expense allowances (for the internet for example). The document will then be sent to you.

You will have to :

  1. Write your name and sign the document
  2. Return the document to the payroll team and the consultant

Questions regarding meal vouchers

I’m entitled to meal vouchers but I don’t have an Edenred card yet, what should I do?

If you already have an Edenred card from a previous employer, this one stays active. If you don’t have any card, Edenred will automatically order a new card for you and send it to your home address.

When do I receive my meal vouchers? 

The meal vouchers are ordered on a weekly basis, as soon as your timesheet has been paid. 

What must I do in case my Edenred card is lost/blocked/stolen? 

In any of these situations, you have to contact Edenred immediately because your card is linked to your national social security number, we are not entitled to do it for you. 02/702.20.02 or [email protected]. Be aware that every new card will cost you the equivalent of one meal voucher.

I received an email telling me that my meal vouchers have been loaded but I still don’t see anything on my card. Is it normal? 

Yes it is normal. It always takes 4 open days minimum before it is loaded on the card or 10 open days in case it is your first Edenred card.

I have a Sodexo card. Is it also valid? 

No, we only work with Edenred.

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Questions regarding transport costs

How are the transport costs paid?

We pay on a daily basis and the amount will depend on what rule the company has decided to follow. Except if the costs are 100% reimbursed, all the workers will only be reimbursed for a one-way ticket (it also applies for the use of a car)! In case of monthly subscription it will be based on the grid used by the user’s company.

Do you need all my proofs of payment or is one proof of payment enough? 

We need all of them. A copy per email is enough. Without payment proof we are not entitled to reimburse you.

I have lost my travel card what should I do?

You can request a duplicate from the transport company where you purchased your travel card. Without proof of payment we cannot issue a refund.

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Questions regarding holidays

I just took a full week holidays but I haven’t been paid, is it normal? 

Yes, this is normal. Your statutory leave days were paid by your previous employer when you left the company. They were included in your holiday pay. You will find the amount you have received on the holiday certificate you have given us.

Will I receive a holiday pay during my interim mission at Page? 

Yes. In the interim sector we pay you every week 15,34% extra of your gross salary. You must use this money to fund next year’s holidays. You can see the amount you receive on your pay slips.

How many holidays am I entitled to this year? 

In order to answer this question, we must know if you already sent us your holiday certificate(s) from your previous employer(s)? If you already did, ask the payroll department. If not, you must send us those documents as soon as possible otherwise every holiday taken will be encoded as unpaid leave.

I would like to take 3 holidays next week. Who do I need to communicate this to, is there anything specific I must do? 

It is your manager in the user company who will decide whether your holidays are approved or not. Please make sure you use the correct code when you fill in your timesheet: 

  • Vacances employé/Verlof Bediende in case of legal holidays

  • Absence motivée/Toegestaan afwezigheid in case of unpaid leave 

The Selfinterim user guide will help you fill in your timesheet properly.

Please contact the payroll department and your consultant immediately and send them the duly completed certificate and declaration (documents available on this website).

Am I entitled to supplementary “European” holidays?

If you have worked for over three months in Belgium you are entitled to supplementary “European” holidays. You can indicate this in the Easyselfinterim platform that you are taking them.

NB: These days are remunerated in advance as double pay.

Since you receive this pay on a weekly basis (15.34% extra on top of your salary) these days will not be paid a second time.

Will I be paid for public holidays?

If a public holiday falls on a normal working day you will be paid for it. You have to use the public holiday code when you enter your time-sheet in Easyselfinterim.

If a public holiday falls on a non-working day (the weekend), you must follow the guidelines of the company where you work to recover this day. 

Either you will be entitled to choose a day's leave at your discretion or it will be imposed by the company where you work. 

In order for us to be able to keep track of public holidays, please make a note in your time sheet and use the “public holiday” code. 

My contract has ended but a public holiday falls within the week following the end date, am I entitled to remuneration for that day?

When a public holiday falls after the contract ends, regulations provide that the employee may still be entitled to remuneration, taking into account the length of service of the employee with the company.

Length of service

Payment of public holidays

<Fifteen days


>Fifteen consecutive days

One public holiday if it falls within fourteen days of the end of the contract

>Thirty consecutive days

All public holidays if they fall within thirty days of the end of the contract

However, if the worker has secured employment with another employer, this obligation ceases. If you are entitled to remuneration for a public holiday, please send us a certificate of proof that you have not secured employment with another employer (to be requested from the unemployment office or your trade union). 

If we do not receive this proof, we will not be able to proceed with payment of the public holiday.

What should I do in the event of collective closure in the company where I work?

You are subject to the same rules as the company's permanent employees. Please inform the payroll team before the dates of collective closure so that we can contact the company.

I am entitled to study leave. What should I do?

You must always inform Page Personnel that you are taking study leave and send us your original proof of enrolment within the stated deadline before taking study leave. Every three months you will need to send us your original proof of attendance.

In case of unjustified absence amounting to more than 10% you lose your right to study leave.

The payroll department must be notified within five days if you stop studying.

Blue collar holidays

How many days am I entitled to as a worker?

Your holiday fund calculates the vacation days to which you are entitled in proportion to your benefits for the year preceding your holidays. Your working regime is of course taken into account. You are entitled to a maximum of 24 days or 4 weeks holiday per year under the 6-day working week or 20 days or 4 weeks holiday under the 5-day working week regime. You can also find out the number of days of holiday you are entitled to, the amount of your holiday pay or enter your bank account number by accessing your holiday account via the ONVA website:

Will I get a holiday pay? 

Unlike employees who receive holiday pay from their employer, it is the ONVA (or one of the special holiday funds) that pays the single and double holiday pay of blue-collar workers each year between 2nd May and 30rd June of the year in which the holiday is taken. The annual holiday pay paid to blue-collar workers is set at 15.38% of the wages earned in the previous year.

I would like to take some days off next week. Who should I contact and do I need to specify something in particular? 

It is your manager in the user company who decides whether or not to approve your days off. You do not need to send an e-mail to Payroll but make sure you add a remark mentioning that it is for blue collar holidays when you fill in your timesheet on Easyinterim. Our guide for temporary workers (Easyselfinterim manual) will help you to fill in your pay slip correctly.

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Questions regarding sickness

I am sick, what do I do? 

You will be guaranteed pay if:

  • You have accrued over one month’s service

  • You send us a copy of your certificate within 48 hours of the start of your illness 

  • You have notified your contact at Page Personnel and your manager in the user company before 9:00 am on the first day of illness and any subsequent days.

You will find more information about sickness and our conditions in the interim guide

What should I do in the event of an accident at work or on the way to work?

Please contact the payroll department and your consultant immediately and send them the duly completed certificate and declaration (documents available on this website).

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Questions regarding payments / pay slips

When will I receive my pay slip and my salary?

  • Pay slip: every Wednesday evening per email in PDF file if we received the timesheet on time.

  • Salary: on Friday afternoon on your account at the latest except in case of legal/bank holiday.

Why do I see my salary decreasing multiple times?

This is due to the special social security contribution that is deducted from the worker’s wage on a monthly and quarterly basis. The amount will depend on the worker’s gross salary and their family situation. You can find a table regarding this contribution in the interim guide to help you determine how much will be deducted.

This deduction can be found on your pay slip under the code “2395”.

My manager hasn’t validated my timesheet on time but I need my money. Is there any way you can pay me even if the deadline hasn’t been respected?

It is not possible to make exceptions regarding the payments. We only proceed to payments on Wednesday morning. If the timesheet hasn’t been validated and sent on time, we will proceed to the payment the week after.

I approved my timesheet on time but I didn’t get paid. Is there something I missed?

You may have approved your timesheet, but if the client hasn’t sent it to the payroll, there won’t be any payment. In the Selfinterim user guide you will see how you can check the status of your timesheet. We also suggest you, if possible, to check with your manager if they have done the necessary before Tuesday noon.

How do I encode my time sheets?

You will find all of the necessary information in our Easyselfinterim guide which can be downloaded from this website. NB: Your manager must always sign and send the time sheet to Page Personnel. Merely submitting time sheets does not automatically result in payment.

How is my salary calculated?

Your salary is calculated as follows:

If you are not entitled to recovery of overtime or time off in lieu (RTT days): Salary/4.33/full-time hourly rate

If you are entitled to RTT:

RTT days paid when you work overtime: Salary/4.33/hourly full-time

RTT days included in gross pay (i.e. not paid when you work overtime): Salary/4.33/official hourly rate included in the National Collective Agreement (CCT)

4.33 is the average number of weeks in a month (52 weeks/12 months)

My salary varies from month to month is this normal?

As referred to above, your salary is calculated on the basis of an average number of weeks in a month. This means that your wages will be higher in a longer month and lower in a shorter month. When taken over a full year, it will correspond to the agreed salary (with the exception of adjustments for unpaid absences).

What rate of withholding tax should I choose?

We cannot recommend a rate of withholding tax because it depends on your own personal circumstances. We would advise you to use an online gross-net calculator to select an appropriate withholding tax rate (search for 'gross-net calculator' in a search engine).

Can I be paid monthly?

Yes, but here are some facts about monthly payments that you should be aware of: 

  • Your salary is paid when the last day of the month has been approved for payment. This means that if the last day of the month is a Monday, you will receive your pay on the Wednesday of the following week and not at the end of the month. Monthly and weekly payments are subject to the same rules: you must wait until the following Wednesday for the payment to go through.

  • Online payments can be approved either weekly or at the end of the month. Our system automatically blocks the payment so that it can be processed on a monthly basis.

  • The chosen payment method cannot be changed during the course of the contract. You can only switch back to weekly payments when your contract is extended.

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