Temps are usually brought on during peak business times, to cover absences, or to help out with large projects. This means you won’t really have the luxury of ‘settling in’ like a permanent hire might. The other big difference is that the recruitment process is much faster. Instead of several rounds of interviews, you may well have just one opportunity to sell yourself.

“Most likely you will be interviewed directly by the manager you will be working for,” explains Olivier Dufour, Executive Director of Page Personnel Belgium. “This interview is your chance to show them that you will be a valuable member. You need to make clear that you are able to hit the ground running, so that you can help them out in short term. It’s important to emphasise your flexibility, because this is a skill that employers need in a temp.”

 Prepare for your temp role interview with these four common questions:

 1. What was it about this role that made you apply?

Pick one or two characteristics from the job description that attracted you to the role, and explain how you exhibit them, how they have helped you to develop your career – and how they can help you improve the company in the short-medium term.

2. How well do you work as part of a team?

Show that you don’t need lots of time to feel part of a team and that you can fit in anywhere to make an immediate impact.

3. Why do you want to temp for this organisation?

 What do you feel the organisation will add to your career journey as a temp?

4. What direction would you like your career to go?

 It’s ok to say that you want to look for a permanent role eventually; just state what you are hoping to get out of temping for the duration of this position. It’s also a good moment to show your reliability – you should mention any references you have from previous employers

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