Looking for your first job can be a long and tedious process. The temptation to give up is sometimes strong, particularly when positive feedback is needed. Don't be discouraged! Here are five tips to help you adopt a more relaxed attitude instead. 

Know your strengths and weaknesses 

Review your past experiences (e.g. work placements, voluntary work, block release assignments, summer jobs, etc.). What skills have you acquired? What are your strengths and what areas do you need to improve? Asking yourself all these questions will help you to identify which types of jobs best match your skills, abilities and your personality. Because although the temptation is great as a young graduate to accept the first job you are offered, even if it does not really meet your expectations, this means taking the risk of experiencing some disappointments.  

Get organised 

A successful job search requires a minimum amount of organisation when you want to stand out from other candidates. Plan your days by setting yourself clear goals which will represent the various milestones of your job search (e.g. research, replying to offers, following up applications). Keep a track of and organise all your applications (e.g. job description, application email or contacts made via social networks). Also set deadlines for reminders to carry out the best follow-up. And don't forget, a well-managed day is also a way of keeping up your morale and motivation. 

Ask for help  

We all need a little help every so often, which is why it is important to tap your network when looking for a job. As a young graduate, it is sometimes more difficult to put out some feelers. Consider asking for recommendations from your former work placement mentors or tapping on the networks of your parents, friends, colleagues or classmates. You may also want to make targeted contact requests on professional social networks, aimed at recruiters or strategic individuals in a company you would like to join.   

Olivier Dufour, Managing Director at Page Personnel explains how to make use of your network to find your first job.

In addition, you might also consider using a recruitment agency. Recruitment consultants will have the experience, contacts and knowledge of the market to improve your job search! 

Invest in your online presence 

Social networks, job boards, collaborative platforms: there are many online tools available to facilitate your job search. Remember to use them! To increase your chances of being seen by recruiters, work on your CV so that it is optimised for the algorithms used by job boards and social networks.  

And bear in mind that 19% of employers have already turned down a candidate because of they have been doing online. So managing your online presence well is crucial today! Make sure that your privacy settings are correct and that nothing online (e.g. your Facebook profile, public photos, etc.) will deter a potential employer. 

Stay motivated 

Motivation is the key to success! This is easier said than done, but try to keep a positive attitude throughout your job search. Consider every rejection as an opportunity to improve and persevere. On the day of the interview, highlight your personality and your behavioural skills. It's up to you! 

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