Since companies in Belgium are not allowed anymore to give employees a trial period, a temporary contract can be a great alternative to give new comers the chance to prove themselves. It´s one of the many advantages of temporary work.

There are many reasons why companies hire temporary workers, but one of the most important is the possibility it gives them to test new employees. That is, at least, the experience of Olivier Dufour, Executive Director of Page Personnel Belgium. “The vast majority of the temporary workers we place are hired with the idea of offering them a permanent contract if they perform well”, explains Olivier Dufour. “That´s actually the main reason why we started recruiting temporary workers: there was huge demand from our clients.”

Olivier Dufour understands why, because contracting temporary workers offer companies many advantages. These are the most important ones:

1. More flexibility

If a company hires a recruitment agency to find somebody for a permanent position, they will be stuck with that agency in case the employee decides to leave  or if he doesn’t fit.  By contract, they will need to hire the same agency to find a replacement. “For employers it´s, of course, more convenient if they can work with several recruitment agencies,” explains Oliver Dufour. “That´s why it´s a good idea to start with a temporary contract. It will give you much more flexibility. If the employee leaves, or does not meet the requirements, you are not obliged to work with same agency to find a replacement.”

2. Temporary workers are  not part of the head count

It often happens that companies foresee that will need someone for a certain position in the near future, but for corporate reasons they cannot hire a permanent employee. A temporary worker can be a good alternative, because he or she will not be carried on the payroll of the company. Once  greenlight is sent by the headquarters, you can always decide to offer a permanent contract.

3. You don´t have to manage the payroll

Especially for smaller companies, that don´t have a big HR department it can be load of their shoulders if they can outsource all the administration.

4. It gives new employees an incentive to perform  

“One of the big advantages of a trial period is that both the company and the employee find out if they are a good match,” explains Olivier Dufour. “Now that employers are not allowed anymore to give permanent employees a trial period, new comers also lose the incentive to really be the best they can be. If you start with a temporary contract, your drive to proof yourself will most likely be bigger, especially if you know that you can earn a permanent position.”

5. Fast hires make an immediate difference

If you have regular employee absences that are affecting the productivity of your business, or you need to cover maternity leave, or have seasonal demands like peak season, hiring a temp, interim or contractor, eliminates the need to appoint a permanent resource that isn’t required all year-round.

6. Temporay workers  can also be project specialists

Many temps have special skillsets and are perfect for short-term assignments. For example, interim managers are often sought after to fill the gap within critical management situations, a temp may be brought in to cover maternity leave or an administrative assignment, or at peak periods. Contractors bring a level of expertise to a defined project for a designated period of time, as set in their contract. 

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