If you’re not feeling satisfied in your current job or you’re simply after a change in your career, then it might be time you took the first step.

However, don’t rush into it, advices Thibaud Adès, Managing Director of Michael Page Belux: “I would advise not to change jobs when you are facing difficulties in your current job, because that means you are still learning something. It´s when everything is going perfect that you should start thinking about the next career step. Try to find position that is linked to your experience, so you can progress your career.”

Take the time to explore your options and follow these tips to make your decision easier.

  • Ask yourself, what are the reasons for a career change? To ensure you are changing jobs or careers for the right reasons, it is essential to reflect on your motivations.
  • Have a plan. Know where you are taking that next step and be aware of the implications that may be involved.
  • Don’t rush into your career move until you have thought about it thoroughly.
  • Feeling unsure is normal when changing careers, so don’t let these feelings put you off until you have researched your future opportunities.
  • Take your time deciding where you want to go and what you want to do. As the old saying goes ‘good things take time’. 
  • Recognise your transferable skills. This will give you a head start when searching for your new position.
  • Explore the job market and your options. Don’t limit yourself to similar careers or jobs, because you may end up doing the same thing, just in a different place.
  • Think ahead when looking for the right position. Ask yourself, is there room for growth at this company? Will I get additional training? Where do I see myself in five years’ time?
  • Use your networking skills for potential opportunities. This may include family, friends, current clients and colleagues.

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