As a responsible employer and recruitment agency, we aim to constantly assess and improve the working conditions of our employees and the professionals who have placed their trust us. 
We guarantee a framework respectful of their physical and psychological safety. 

Our Commitment 

Many studies have confirmed that stress and an inappropriate environment can deeply damage people, leading to sicknesses, absence and resignations. 

At Page, we value our people, and we want to demonstrate this. 


Thanks to a continuous listening strategy, we listen to our employees’ feedback and try to constantly become a better place to work.
We have recently implemented flexibility guidelines that allow our people to exercise a series of choices to accommodate their work/private live in the most efficient way. 

Our wellbeing committee actively works on monthly “feelgood” actions.  
In our culture we value rewards, merit and fun, but mostly we place mental health and a good work-life balance at the center of our priorities. 



Work-life balance



Engaged employees